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Siteground Hosting


Siteground Hosting, although pricey for the features, offers reliable web hosting. The plans start off with a single domain plan, which we feel is pretty chinzy, but Siteground makes up for it by SSD Drives, free domain and a 30 day money back guarantee. We feel confident in recommending Siteground to individuals and small businesses looking to set up a Wordpress or Joomla site for themselves or local business.

Community Involvement: 10 out of 10

Siteground Hosting sits on the forefront of community involvement. There is no other Joomla Hosting company that has appeared, as a sponsor or just to have a presence, as Siteground. Attending every major Joomladay and of course, the World Conferences, Siteground representitives actively interact with the attendees, often sponsoring the free beer or an outing. We have met our representitives at various Joomladays in Chicago and Minneapolis, and have taken time to discuss hosting, the future of Joomla and of course, Siteground's involvement.

Speed Test: 3.40 seconds

We picked three sites hosted on Siteground at random (literally at random) to speed test. We speed test each site from USA, Europe and Asia.

  1. We average the results for each region.
  2. Then average all results to come up with the average load time per site.
  3. Then we average the three location averages to get the final overall average load time shown above. - screenshots

  • US Test: 3.18
  • EU Test: 8.56
  • Asia Test: 3.85
  • Average all locations: 5.20 seconds - screenshots

  • US Test: 1.55
  • EU Test: 1.26
  • Asia Test: 1.52
  • Average all locations: 1.44 seconds - screenshots

  • US Test: 3.91
  • EU Test: 3.69
  • Asia Test: 3.12
  • Average all locations: 3.57 seconds

Customer Support Response Time: 60 Second Live Chat Response

Since Siteground Hosting has live chat, we opened a live chat and was greeted in 60 seconds. For a live chat, this response time is OK, but not great. We'd expect to see a live rep (not autogenerated reply) respond within 15-30 seconds. 

Overall Recommendations

While Siteground is very involved in the Joomla Community, their hosting plans at the ongoing 60% off are marginal when it comes to price considering what you're paying for. We'd rather see the low end plan allow you to host three domains rather than just one. We're ok with the 10GB SSD space and the other features that Siteground offers.

We do think that Siteground has excellent quality hosting, and that they do take care of their clients prettty darn well. We also don't have any complaints about our speed tests either. There always seems to be one slow site in the three random sites that we test anyway.

Siteground Hosting, as we mentioned above, will be a good fit for:

  • Personal sites
  • Personal Blogs
  • Small Business Sites

Basically if you're on a budget, but really want quality Joomla hosting, then Siteground should be one of your top choices.

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