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Writer - Blogging Template from GavickPro

Writer Makes Your Blog Look Beautiful!

Until GavickPro created "Writer", Joomla, sadly wasn'tknown for having good blogging templates. The ones that were out there previously, were ok, but not lavish. Everything has changed with this blogging template that also offers three other template views in one!

Blog the way you like with Writer

No matter what your style, Writer makes your posts look beautiful. Awesome full spread featured images, bold titles and easy to read text just make your site stunning. Just look at the screenshot:

blog view


Notice the clean and simple layout? It's easy to see why more people are starting to use Joomla! to blog on isn't it? It's ultimately a perfect blend of design and functionality.

Four Frontpage Layout Options

Display the frontpage in a way that's uniquely yours with Writer. With fours layouts to choose from, Writer displays your posts they way you want them. From traditional blog style, to grid style, you control how it all looks. Everyone is unique, and your blog is a reflection of you. Make it say something about you!

Clean Blog Post Layouts

Unlike most Wordpress blogs, the blog posts in Writer are neatly laid out and are easy to read. you don't have to squint because the blog post spans 60-70% of your screen width at full view, and the side bar shifts to below the content on tablet and mobile views to maintain a full width layout that's easy to read on any device!

blog post

Below the blog post, you can display your related blog posts and other writings by the same author:



The Writer Template is fully integrated with K2 CCK for a highly customizable content creation process. You have full control over where and how your articles are previewed. You can display categories, specific featured articles or latest posts with ease. It's easy to keep your site focused on what matters most!

Write The Way You Want

Writing for most bloggers is critical. It's the life blood of the blog. The Writer template includes flexible and customizable typography styles to meet the needs of even the most decerning blogger! From the elegant lists, block quotes and buttons to fancy tables and header styles, the list goes on, but can easily be customized to meet your needs.

About GavickPro

GavickPro is one of the best known Joomla Template companies, based in the beautiful mountains of Poland and is comprised of a world wide team of developers, designers and support staff.

GavicPro Pricing

GavickPro's pricing is easy to understand an will meet the needs of everyone from just a blogger in need of one template to a development shop that regularly uses the GavicPro templates as a base for their development. For just a single template, the price is a one time payment of 39€, while if you want a couple templates or are a dev shop, you'll want to opt for the 99€ all inclusive package.


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