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Eventful March 2015 Shape5 Template

Need a Stunning Event Template? Eventful will fit the bill nicely!

Event Templates are always popular, but what make one stand out from the others? Perhaps it's the lavish imagery, or pehaps it's the simple, but easy to use UI, in either case, Eventful is the perfect event template for your next event.

Eventful offers Two Gorgeous Templates in One!

Business & Tech - Having a tech convention, business event or start up lauch party? Eventful is the ideal template to announce your event in style! Includes one page scroll for venue, agenda/schedule, registration, sponsors and other information.

Sports Centered - Perfect for those extreme (or not so extreme) events you're planning on hosting, Eventful gives your audience the info they need quickly so they can get back to doing what they love quickly!


Full Page Scrolling

Minimize the clicking your site visitors have to do to get the important information they need. Everything that's important can be placed right on the homepage and linked to interior pages for more information as needed. While you scroll, it also should be mentioned that the floating menu stays with the viewer giving them complete access to all the pages right at the top of their screen, no matter what page they've landed on.

Google Maps Integration

Eventful included Google maps integration that gives you three view options: default, light grey and dark grey to compliment any design style you choose. Let your attendees find the event quickly and easily by integrating a Google map right on your site.

google maps

Choice Of Menu Styles

You can now choose between Shape5's standard S5 Flex or the S5 Overlay menu styles. Choose the best one that fits with your design

S5 Tab Show

Display your schedule perfectly using the S5 Tab Show module. Site visitors will get a nice overview in a timeline grid of who's presenting, the presentation topic and the information can be linked to another interior page for more information as needed.

s5 tab show


General Template Information

  • There's over 100 module positions included on this template so you can position anything right where you want it.
  • 6 Custom Module Suffixes built in to give your modules a bit of custom styling
  • 2 Custom highlight colors that can be defined in the template control panel
  • 2 Custom highlight fonts, also defined in the template control panel
  • Uppercase, Sentance case toggle for H-titles

Shape5 Eventful is one of the best event templates for simple, but detailed events. We were really impressed with this template and all it has to offer. Shape5 did a wonderful job in creating it.

The Shape5 Eventful template is available through the Shape5 Template club. Every template Shape5 offers is available as either a stand alone template for install on an existing site or as a "siteshaper" quick deploy where it's already configured to look like the demo that you see in the demo area. On top of getting up and running quickly, Shape5 is backed by excellent customer support that actually answers your questions and issues! We've loved the response we've had from Shape5 and recommend them confidently to you.

Shape5 offers not just this template with their template club access, but all templates for one low price! No matter what job you have to do, check Shape5 for a template that will work for you to get started on quickly. Save tons of time and money in development by using a Shape5 template to build from as they are all based on the Vertex Framework, so from one job to the next, you know what to expect!

Shape5 Pricing

We love Shape5's pricing structure! While you can gain access to their free template for nothing out of pocket (and those templates aren't shabby either!), you have three paid levels to choose from that fit your needs. The basic plan is just $49.99 and gives you two month's membership with unlimited access to all the templates. You can have one domain supported on this plan. The Best Value plan is what most people buy. It's $79.99 and offers 12 months of membership and offers support on three domains. Finally, there's the Developer's plan that's $79.99 and also is a 12 month plan, but gives you support on all domains, but most importantly, it gives you the rights to use the Shape5 templates on Client sites, not just yours. 


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