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Business Line Shape5 February 2016 Joomla Template

Joomla Business Template - Business Line

Shape 5 Just Released Their February 2016 Joomla Template, Business Line. Joomla has always done well with Business Sites. It's used widely due to it's customizability and granular ACL just to name a few, and the Business Line
is an idea corporate or business use template designed for most company website needs. Business Line is a crisp, clean all-core-Joomla template (doesn't require third party extensions, like K2, for example) and is a great template for novice site owners to use to set up their business site.

Unique Masthead Styling

Initially, we like the large masthead that can clearly convey business purpose, mission or vision statements. It's a perfect way to not just make a statement, but to spur emotion through visual imagery that reinforces the statement.

Two different Menu Layouts

We also like having a couple options for menu layouts. It gives you more flexibility when it comes to your site's look and feel. Although the MegaMenu dropdown acts the same in both versions, you can chose either the standard width menu that puts the dropdowns right in the center, or full width menu that justifies the dropdown all the way to the left.

menu width

CTA and Info boxes

Right below the masthead, you'll find both the Call to Action (CTA) and the Company Info box. We like the fact that the one action that you want your site visitors to take is right there, above the fold (for the most part) and the user doesn't have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to get the phone number, address or even business hours if you choose to list them here. The CTA is perfect for businesses that want the user to schedule an appointment, download information or sign up for something. It stands out and the eyes are naturally drawn to it.

cta info boxes

Feature Boxes

The feature boxes, found right below the CTA and Info box have a bold, clean layout and are perfect for showcasing your services or even products. The images can be links as well as using the "read more" button, and there's enough space for a short leader about the service in the feature box.

feature boxes

Learn More Box

The learn more box, right below the Feature Boxes is also perfect for going a bit more in depth about your core services. Adding an eye catching image next to the content box as shown is a great way to "sell the sizzle" to your site visitors. You could use this to sell the features, show benefits or even ask questions.

learn more box

Quote & Testimonial Box

Business Line, like many other business templates for Joomla, offers a nice full width box that can be either used for quotes, testimonials or other information that you want to showcase. It's well placed under the learn more box, and easily customizable to your needs.


More Boxes!

There's a bunch of other sample homepage boxes in the Business Line template demo, but we're not going to go into all of them here. Rather, head on over to the demo and check them out.

About Us Page

While many other template providers have created lavishly cool about us pages, the Business Line template about us page is just another Joomla content page from what we can tell. This was a bit disappointing, only for the reason that novice probably wouldn't be able to create something really nice without developer help. On the flip side, it's a blank slate where you can design your about us page any way you want.

Category Blog Pages

The category blog pages are nice and simple. Very clean look and feel, and use the standard Joomla com_content. Post image size is 887px X 415px and is pulled from the standard joomla article featured image uploader.

Overall Review

The Business Line template for Joomla by Shape5 is a perfect template for beginner & intermediate level site owners. There's nothing about the template that's really complicated to setup, and it doesn't use any extras other than Shape5 extensions (included if you use the siteshaper).

The template is clean and the text is easy to read, making this almost the ideal joomla business template


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