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shape 5 Joomla Wedding Template emma and mason

Let me tell you... Shopping for weddings usually just isn't a guy's thing. All that lace, frills and oh, the cake tasting sessions. When it comes to announcing your wedding with a website, this Shape 5 Joomla template is the perfect template for anyone that just doesn't get excited over pomp and circumstance. 

Emma and Mason: a Shape 5 Joomla Template

The Emma and Mason Shape 5 Joomla wedding template is the perfect template for weddings of a more contemporary type. It puts all the necessary information right at the top, and as you scroll down, there are sections for both the bride and the groom, wedding registry, venue and schedule. In essence, this template has everything needed for just about any lucky couple about to get hitched.

Wedding Template Main Features:

  • 102 collapsible core positions
  • 10 custom suffixes
  • 1 custom highlight color
  • 1 custom highlight font
  • Enable or disable uppercase letters
  • Enable or disable sub menu arrows
  • Integrated count down script
  • Reduce negative margins on specific rows

Check out "Emma and Mason", Shape 5 Joomla Wedding Template

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