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One of the things that most site admins don't want to bother with is hosting and server maintenance. It's not what they're paid to do, but for most, it comes as part of the job, like it or not. Our take on the issue is why take your site administrator away from his primary job duties when you don't have to? That's where comes in. They are a full service web hosting company that manages the server environment for you, leaving you or your admin to focus on what really matters most -- the website.

How It Works - Free Joomla Hosting offers free Joomla webhosting that offers you a full version of Joomla, complete where you can install the extensions and templates of your choice -- no credit card needed to sign up either. Of course, you have the option to upgrade your site at any time for $5. When you sign up for the free version, you are limited to a subdomain, or When you upgrade, you get a couple of things:

  • 20GB Hard Drive Space, upgraded from 512MB
  • Ability to add your own domain name
  • Managed DNS hosting
  • Custom Mail Center for your domain
  • Hosting support

The best way to use is to use a free joomla hosting to build the joomla site you'll be going live with. Consider it a sandbox to play, develop and stage the website before "flipping the switch" and going live. Make sure you install Akeeba Backup so that you can create backups before and after developing.

When you're ready to go live, pay for the upgrade in your Cloud Dashboard, and you'll be moved from having a free joomla hosting site to a paid one that you can add your domain to and go live. You can find the IP address in your cloud dashboard, so if you're hosting your domain somewhere else, you can just point the A record to the server and be done.


How To Sign Up For Free Joomla Hosting on Cloud Access

When you're on the homepage, you'll notice right below the full width slideshow, a spot for you to enter your desired subdomain, Joomla or Wordpress (yes, they do wordpress hosting too!) selector and launch button which starts the process.

cloud access free joomla hosting

You will confirm your subdomain on the next page. You also have the option to register a domain (you'll be automatically upgraded to the $5 plan if you select anything other than "I want a free subdomain").

choose domain name cloud access

Now you'll select the Joomla version that you want to install. You can of couse choose Joomla 2.5, but Joomla 3.3 is the latest at the time of this writing.

select Joomla version cloud access

Next you'll see an order confirmation screen. Asi I said before, no credit card is needed to get a free site, so just confirm this screen by clicking Checkout.

order summary cloud access

Finally, you just need to enter your details to create the account. Once you've created your account, you can add as many free Joomla sites as you want or need.

Checkout cloud access free joomla site

Once the order is complete (again, no credit card needed), go to your cloud control panel (dashboard) and in the tabs, select Free Sites to see your new site.

free site tab

From the Free Sites tab, you will see your new Joomla site. Click on the manage button on the right.

manage free site

 You will now drop into your site's dashboard (individual dashboard for that site only). 

site dashboad

Click the Application drop down arrow to expand that selection, and click the login to Joomla! line to go to your Joomla site's control panel.

login to joomla cloud access

FTP Access and SSH (advanced site admins) -

Coming back to the Cloud Control panel, if you expand the Server line, find the FTP/SSH link and click that. You will find your server details here for FTP or SSH access.


This is what you'll see:

FTP Info

You'll use the IP address, FTP port, username and password for your FTP client, and the IPaddress, username and password for SSH. is a good place to start your new website. It's easy to use as you can see from our tutorial, and doesn't cost a thing to get started and develop on. We use for many of our client's sites and like it because our clients are able to interface with support directly without coming back to us with hosting or joomla questions.

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