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Content King Is Perfect For News, Blogs & Magazine Sites

Content King Joomla Template Review - Content King is Shape5's January 2015 Featured Joomla Template and is designed for content rich sites designed to drive social media sharing. It's the type of site that people will like after clicking a shared link in Facebook or on Twitter. Content King is sexy, easy on the eyes and offers a wonderful user experience.

Content King is created by well known template and extension provider, Shape5 and is the January 2015 Featured Joomla Template. The template has three main parts on the homepage, each of which is crafted to display your content in the most eye catching way possible while the template itself offers 92 core template positions along with 13 module suffixes that allow you to easily change the look and feel exactly the way you want!


Content King Review - Homepage


First thing that greets the visitor as they land on the homepage is the breathtaking featured article slider complete with image, textual content and link to full article. Again this is designed to catch your site visitor's eye and have them clicking to read your content.

Next up, you have the Content King Midpage which features a versatile article display with link list, featured slider and text and link over image views. These, I might add are also customizable just the way you want.

At the bottom of the Content King Homepage, you'll find a "Tumblr-like" article display feature. your site visitors will absolutly love how easy it is to browse your content! You can pull articles from either a single category or multiple categories here.


Content King - Content Page

While the front page is lavish and designed to catch people's attention, the internal pages, or content pages are fairly plain and easy to read. You can customize the way your content is displayed of course, but in the end, having a simple, clean content layout is someting every reader appreciates.

Our Content King Joomla Template Review

content page

Overall, we really like Content King and think that it's a really great template if you are working on creating a content heavy website. We'd use this template specifically for:

  • Blogging
  • News Websites
  • Online Magazines
  • Non Profit Periodicals

...but of course, how you use this awesome template is up to you! Head over to Shape5 now and take a look at the Content King Joomla Template for yourself to see if it's right for your site.




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