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Joomla Ping Services with RSS Feedburner

1. Find your Joomla category's RSS Feed url

The easiest way to do it (using this site as an example) would be to go to the correct category and view the source code. I will go to the category Joomla Templates, and right click on the page to view the source code. I need to look for the RSS line, so the easiest way to do that is to search by CTRL + F and type in RSS.


From the code, we need /Joomla-Templates/feed/rss and append it to our url. For this site, it would be

2. We go over to feedburner and put that url into "Burn a feed..." box and click next.

feedburner url

3. Customize the Feed Title if you wish.

In our case, we didn't want to modify it. you can ignore the feed address below the title.

feed title

4. Confirm your feed is pushing content to feedburner

click on the link to check to make sure that the content is being pushed up to feedburner.

check feed

Go down to the bottom of this page and click next to continue the configuration.

click next

5. Add stats to your feedburner (optional)

Click the checkboxes to add stats you want tracked. I usually check the clickthroughs and "I want more". Finally click the next to move on.

tracking feedburner stats

6. Click on the publicize tab

From the main view, you want to go over to the publicize tab and and click the PingShot link on the left side.

publicize pingshot feedburner

7. Activate PingShot to push your posts via ping services!

activate pingshot

Wrap Up

For every category that you want to push out and ping, just follow these steps over again. Feedburner will automatically ping out to the following services:

  • Technorati
  • My Yahoo
  • Bloglines
  • NewsGator
  • Google Blog Search, and
  • Ping-o-matic

...but will also allow you to add 5 more of your choosing. 

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