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Events Manager Template - Gavick August 2014 Template

The Gavick Pro Event Manager Template is sure to attract attendees to your next event!

Events Manager is a Powerful, well-designed and lightweight, the Events template offers a well rounded package that makes it easy to advertise your event, whether it’s a lengthy training program, simple business meeting, massive music festival or quiet personal gathering.

Upon opening the demo, we really like the simplistic layout above the fold. A full width background image sets the tone, while the "you'd have to be an idiot to miss me" event information is dead center! It's almost as though Gavick was thinking "JoomlaDay" when he was developing this template, and that's probably what a Joomla User Group in the near future will use it for.

th logo moduleWe're not crazy about the red "Events" logo ribbon at the top, but it seems as though that can be removed really easily using the following CSS:

#gkLogo.cssLogo, .svg #gkLogoSmall.cssLogo {
background-image: url('/path/to/event/logo.svg');
display: none;

Scolling down to the next module position on the homepage, we come across a speaker schedule that's really nicely laid out! Not sure how well that would work when it comes to an actual schedule page, but it's a nice touch for featured and keynote presenters, I'd imagine.

speaker features

The next module section is really nice! Featured presenters will be sure to appreciate their profile layout on the homepage. This section was really well done, in my opinion! There's even a neat hover effect to indicate you can click the image for the speaker bio.

featured speakers

The rest of the page has the same full width layout, and features module postions that Gavick filled with Venue info, Sponsor Logos, Social Network links and a short FAQ. Of course, since this is Joomla!, you can change or modify those modules to suit your needs specifically.

Overall, we're REALLY impressed with Gavick Event Manager Template!


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