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best church religious templates 2017

Best Joomla Templates For Churches and Organizations

It's hard enough to get people to go to church, and we all know that most of the youth was there for Pokemon Go anyway, but that doesn't mean that your church or religious organization's Joomla Templates shouldn't be enticing. In fact, it's often one of the first stops for prospective new congregation members that either have just moved to the area, visiting, or are looking for a new church to attend.

These Joomla Templates are designed for use by churches, religious groups, non profits and other organizations.

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Joomla Business Template: Fontaine

If you're looking for a clean, responsive Joomla! business template, take a look at Fontaine by ArrowThemes.

The Fontaine Joomla Template comes with over a dozen modules and admin option panel to configure the template the way you and your clients want. Using the Warp Framework, Fontaine is flexible and customizable, yet remains a fast and lightweight template for Joomla!


Template Features

  • Supports Joomla! 3.6
  • Responsive Design
  • 6 preset color styles
  • Unlimited color possibilities
  • 60+ Admin options
  • 50+ module positions
  • Kunena Forum styling
  • K2 Blog styling
  • Widgetkit Styling
  • Flexible columns and template widths
  • Portfolio/Gallery up to 5 Columns
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • 5 Preset pages
  • Multiple Page Layout Combination
  • Custom module variations
  • Accordions and Tabs
  • Module Popup Widget
  • Instant ajax Search
  • Easy shortcodes plugin
  • Extensive and robust typography
  • Joomla template overrides
  • Built on Warp framework


HealthMag Joomla Template

If You're Starting A Joomla Site About Health & Wellness, Check Out The HealthMag Joomla Template! - There's thousands of sites on the topic of health and wellness, but what will set your site apart? It's look and feel, and the HealthMag Joomla Template from SmartAddons is the perfect way to stand out.

Built on the versatile YT Framework V3, HealthMag is a responsive Joomla template that offers: 

  • two homepage layouts
  • 5 color styles
  • advanced mega menu functions
  • 65+ shortcodes
  • K2 support!

Healthmag also supports RTL (Right to Left) languages, such as Arabic and includes all Photoshop PSD files for free

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shape 5 Joomla Wedding Template emma and mason

Let me tell you... Shopping for weddings usually just isn't a guy's thing. All that lace, frills and oh, the cake tasting sessions. When it comes to announcing your wedding with a website, this Shape 5 Joomla template is the perfect template for anyone that just doesn't get excited over pomp and circumstance. 

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BlogBox December 2015 Shape5 Template

Shape5 Just Released The BlogBox Joomla Blogging Template

Most people don't realize that Joomla, besides for being a powerful CMS, is also an equally powerful blogging platform. The December 2015 Shape5 template, "Blogbox" is a perfect Joomla blogging template!

At first glance, the homepage above the fold looks much like a personal blog, which this template appears to be, it can be used for all different types of blogs, ranging from Momblogs to corporate blogs. It has a very clean feel, and has the essentials one might expect to find on such a site.

While the header doesn't leave much room for logo, it works very well for sites with short titles. Some CSS modifications might be necessary if you have a longer sitename or want to include a logo as well, thus extending the width of the logo div. 

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Business Joomla Template Apoa

Your Business needs to look it's best, and Apoa, a clean and modern Business Joomla Template is perfect.

You only have 2 seconds to make a good impression when it comes to visitors coming to your site. Why serve them anything but the best? That's the idea when you use the Apoa Joomla Template.

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Writer - Blogging Template from GavickPro

Writer Makes Your Blog Look Beautiful!

Until GavickPro created "Writer", Joomla, sadly wasn'tknown for having good blogging templates. The ones that were out there previously, were ok, but not lavish. Everything has changed with this blogging template that also offers three other template views in one!

Blog the way you like with Writer

No matter what your style, Writer makes your posts look beautiful. Awesome full spread featured images, bold titles and easy to read text just make your site stunning. Just look at the screenshot:

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Virtumart Joomla Template, Midnight gives your shop a modern style

While the Midnight Joomla Template demo at themeforest  is built up as a fashion site, it could be used for just about any modern product line. From Men's watches to travel suitcases, Midnight offers a simplistic and clean layout. 

The home page is completely modular, allowing you to style it in any way you'd like. The template itself is fully responsive and includes nice features such as a lavish mega menu, quick view popups on product images, ajax for search and "add to cart" and even a blogging system.

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Eventful March 2015 Shape5 Template

Need a Stunning Event Template? Eventful will fit the bill nicely!

Event Templates are always popular, but what make one stand out from the others? Perhaps it's the lavish imagery, or pehaps it's the simple, but easy to use UI, in either case, Eventful is the perfect event template for your next event.

Eventful offers Two Gorgeous Templates in One!

Business & Tech - Having a tech convention, business event or start up lauch party? Eventful is the ideal template to announce your event in style! Includes one page scroll for venue, agenda/schedule, registration, sponsors and other information.

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Business Line Shape5 February 2016 Joomla Template

Joomla Business Template - Business Line

Shape 5 Just Released Their February 2016 Joomla Template, Business Line. Joomla has always done well with Business Sites. It's used widely due to it's customizability and granular ACL just to name a few, and the Business Line
is an idea corporate or business use template designed for most company website needs. Business Line is a crisp, clean all-core-Joomla template (doesn't require third party extensions, like K2, for example) and is a great template for novice site owners to use to set up their business site.

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