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Recently, there was really big news and developments in the Joomla! community that surrounds both the Joomla! project and where it's going!

Last week, Web Hosting company, Siteground won the contract to host the official Joomla! CMS Demo. We, at are very greatful to exiting host, for many years of wonderful service, and congratulate new host, Siteground!

One of the core initiatives was to make it easier for people of all skill levels to setup and experience what Joomla! has to offer to them, to find great hosting and setup feature-rich robust websites!

While Joomla! may seem more daunting than Wordpress, it can be as simple or complex as you want to make it, and it's far easier to use and manage from a site administrator's level than Drupal.

We look forward to Joomla!'s new partnership with Siteground on the official Joomla! Demo!

Joomla3.3 is Joomla!'s answer to has for many years, offered wonderful free wordpress website hosting, and millions of people have sites (or accounts) with due to it's ease of use and free offerings.

Siteground Hosting aims to do just that on the domain! While there's not too much information just yet about this new development, it's got to be one of the most exciting things that's come out from the Joomla Community since the announcement of Joomla! 3.

From the sound of it, this is what we know. In one form or another, Siteground will host Joomla! sites for free using a subdomain (the same way as does it). There will be commercially available services if you want to add your own domain name, etc... If you take a look at Wordpress for what services it offers commercially, perhaps we'll get an idea of what will be offered to the Joomla! community as well.

  • Users of the free services will be offered two different ways of using Joomla! -- Either a blog style or Company brochure website. This offers a wide range of choices for what you might want to do with Joomla! in the future.
  • There will be a selection of templates to choose from. You will be able to install one of many templates to give your site the look and feel that you want, but this is template provider dependent, and no one knows yet which templates will be offered.
  • There also will be a selection of pre-installed extensions that site owners can choose from to modify their sites. Again like above, this will be provider dependent, so no one really knows what will be offered as of yet.
  • will offer multi-language support for the core install. Since Joomla! is used world wide, it's only natural that there will be localization options available to the site owner.
  • Automatic updates will be performed automatically so the site owner doesn't have to worry about it.

There are of course, other items that are in discussion right now, and details will be coming out in the next few months. We'll keep you informed of new details as they emerge. Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates!

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