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Joomla 3.4 Update

Just received a note about the upcoming Joomla 3.4 release from David Hurley, Joomla Community Manager.

It would seem that one of the biggest questions revolves around the release timeline. Daved mentions that it's tricky to commit to timelines in a volunteer based environment which it true. He calls for general goals and agendas in his statement.

He also appeals to coders - The Joomla project needs volunteers to contribute. If you're a coder and are interested in Joomla!, then please do look further into contributing! If you're not, then please take a look at reporting bugs and testing.

"Ok, so there’s been some questions about Joomla 3.4, the next big release for Joomla. I’m quite excited to be able to be a part of this release and we have some great things planned. Timelines are always the first thing people want to know; followed closely with what features will be available. In this particular release there are some additional new terms being used which may be helpful to define. Three quick topics, let’s discuss each in order..."

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