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Sending Text Messages In Mautic

A While back, we reviewed Mautic. Mautic is free and open source automated marketing software, and over the past couple months, we've heard news that there's been a lot of changes going on.

One of those changes was the ability to send text messages to your subscribers via Mautic. The obvious benefit to having the ability to text message your contacts is being able to communicate instantaneously. While email is still the primary vehicle for automated marketing communications, text messaging can also be beneficial when used appropriately.

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Joomla 3.5 Release Candidate

The Joomla! Project just recently announced that you're now about to download the Joomla! CMS Release Candidateelease Candidate. They have asked community members and interested parties to download and install the package on your development web hosting or localhost and to assist with bug reporting and quality assurance.

Please keep in mind that beta releases of Joomla, such as this one cannot be upgraded, so it's purely for testing purposes. If you do choose to test the Joomla! 3.5 release candidate package, please do submit the issues you come acrosss to the Joomla! CMS Issue Tracker, and do not upgrade production sites to this RC version.

Joomla 3.5 Release Candidate

The final Joomla 3.5 Stable Release is scheduled to be released on March 16, 2016 according to the Joomla News Announcement.

Joomla 3.5 hopefully will be introducing the following features:

  • Update Emails Plugin periodically checks Joomla updates and will email the super admin when one is discovered. Very helpful for staying on top of the Joomla! releases. (Contributor: Nic Dionysopoulos)
  • Opt-Out Of Anonymized Data Plugin allows you to opt out of sending anonymous information back to the Joomla team to better understand how we're using Joomla! (Contributor: Don Gilbert)
  • Item Counter adds the number of published, unpublished and trashed articles in the Category Manager for articles, banners, contacts and newsfeeds. (Contributor: Peter Martin)
  • Add a user CSS file to Protostar checks to see if a user.css file exists and loads the file if found to add user customization. (Contributor: Roland Dalmulder)
  • Download system/environmental data for support purposes (Contributors: Radek Suski and Roberto Segura)
  • TinyMCE Drag and drop images allows the user to drag and drop images into content (Contributor: Dimitris Grammatiko)

While Joomla publically has a backwards compatibility promise, Joomla 3.5 is exempt due to the changes in PHP7. The String class had to be renamed to StringHelper as Joomla! wouldn't be able to run on PHP7 otherwise. For more information on this topic, see String Package 1.3.

How to Test The Joomla 3.5 RC Release

There's many ways to test a release of Joomla. The most popular ways are either to spool up a MAMP, WAMP or XAMPP instance on your computer, but we prefer to use inexpensive web hosting for our testing environment. It gives us a true feel for how the software will perform in a "real world" scenerio. There are two hosting providers that we do this on. One, is Hosting is only $5 a month, and you can spool up or shut down your test environment at any time (and not be charged further). The other testbed we recommend for more advanced users is They offer a 128MB single core VPS with 10GB disk space for just $12/year. If you do choose to get the $12 VPS, make sure you read "How To Install Joomla From The SSH Terminal"

As always, please report the issues you come across to the Joomla! CMS Issue Tracker

Mautic Review - Free and Open Source Marketing Automation

Yes, We Said FREE. Total Marketing Automation For FREE.

In the Internet Marketing world, it's hard to find good tools that don't cost an arm and a leg. It's even harder to find ones that put just about everything you need into one application. Most small businesses and individuals (such as us) can't afford most of those marketing automation tools, and while you're initially gaining your leads, you might not see a good return on the huge investment for quite a while.

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Joomla New Demo Free Hosted Sites

Recently, there was really big news and developments in the Joomla! community that surrounds both the Joomla! project and where it's going!

Last week, Web Hosting company, Siteground won the contract to host the official Joomla! CMS Demo. We, at are very greatful to exiting host, for many years of wonderful service, and congratulate new host, Siteground!

One of the core initiatives was to make it easier for people of all skill levels to setup and experience what Joomla! has to offer to them, to find great hosting and setup feature-rich robust websites!

While Joomla! may seem more daunting than Wordpress, it can be as simple or complex as you want to make it, and it's far easier to use and manage from a site administrator's level than Drupal.

We look forward to Joomla!'s new partnership with Siteground on the official Joomla! Demo!

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Joomla 3.4 Update

Just received a note about the upcoming Joomla 3.4 release from David Hurley, Joomla Community Manager.

It would seem that one of the biggest questions revolves around the release timeline. Daved mentions that it's tricky to commit to timelines in a volunteer based environment which it true. He calls for general goals and agendas in his statement.

He also appeals to coders - The Joomla project needs volunteers to contribute. If you're a coder and are interested in Joomla!, then please do look further into contributing! If you're not, then please take a look at reporting bugs and testing.

"Ok, so there’s been some questions about Joomla 3.4, the next big release for Joomla. I’m quite excited to be able to be a part of this release and we have some great things planned. Timelines are always the first thing people want to know; followed closely with what features will be available. In this particular release there are some additional new terms being used which may be helpful to define. Three quick topics, let’s discuss each in order..."

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