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Joomla Hosting And Installation Made Simple

cloudaccess-joomla-hostingPicking your web hosting isn't as easy as it might seem. First of all, there's thousands of hosting providers, and more popping up every day. One provider has distinguished itself from the the pack, and that company is They offer fully managed Joomla hosting so you never have to worry about managing the server your site is hosted on. While most other hosts stop here, takes it one step further by also providing the easiest Joomla installation solution ever. It's a one click installer but unlike the other hosting companies, you also can setup a staging site, migrate and transfer sites or even clone sites!

We have 23 sites hosted on

While the one click installer is nice, you only might need it once per site, and most developers will start with a custom installation package they've built themselves anyway. We chose as our primary hosting provider as they offer really some of the best hosting available, and none of our clients have complained about them at all. When we develop a site, we start off on a development server at our offices. When the site is completed, We spool up a new Hosting instance and clear out the existing Joomla installation. We then use Akeeba Backup to backup the site and move it over to CloudAccess via FTP. Using Akeeba Kickstart, we quickly deploy the new site within minutes! Once the site is up and running on the "production environment", we take another Backup using Akeeba and save it locally. We also go to the backups on CloudAccess and take an entire backup of the environment. It's really nice that everything's so simple, which allows us to spend our time developing rather than wrestling with the hosting!

New to Joomla? Trains You For Free!

If Joomla! is a CMS that you think you'd like to learn, then is the right place to start.They provide training through regular free webinars and pre-recorded videos that are designed to not only help you get aquainted with Joomla! but really dive in and build websites! 

What Services Does Offer Me? offers a wide range of services including something a little unexpected (but really good and commendable). As you already know, they offer Joomla Hosting and support, but lets take a quick look at the other services:

Wordpress Hosting and Support
Yes, CloudAccess offers Wordpress hosting in much the same manner as their Joomla hosting. You can spool up a Wordpress site with one click, and just like with Joomla hosting, back it up, migrate and copy the site.

Managed SSL Certificates offers Managed SSL Certificates through SSL partner, Comodo. The process only takes about 10 minutes, and you can protect your website with 248 bit digital sigs and 256bit encryption. SSL Certs start at $99, but for e-commerce, you'll want the Comodo EV SSL ($199) which gives your site visitors the pretty green URL bar to let them know they're on a secure site.

Affiliate Program
If you're looking to make an extra buck or two, offers an affiliate program where you can promote their products and services on your website, Facebook, Twitter or other site, and when people use your affiliate link to purchase hosting, you receive commissions. The best part of their affiliate program, also separating them from the competition is that the commissions are recurring - That means you get paid everytime your referral pays their bill! If they're on a monthly plan, every time they pay their monthly fee, you earn your commissions!

School Program
So this is the one that really wow'ed us. will give teachers either Joomla or Wordpress sites to teach their students on FREE of charge! places a high value learning, and supports the initiative worldwide. By doing this, students can experiment and learn web design and development by using a widely used web application platform, and teachers/schools don't have to shell out valuable resources to teach the students a valuable skill. Kudos and Hats off to CloudAccess on this one!

The Cloud Control Panel Interface (CCP)

Managing your sites and hosting environment is extremely simple with's CCP. The CCP is divided up in easy to understand groupings so that whatever you need to do almost jumps out at you! Although we could try and tell you how good it is, we'd rather post this video to give you a tour of the control panel:


Is Right For Me? isn't right for everyone. Neither is any other web hosting company for that matter, but we will go out on a limb and say that CloudAccess caters to anyone who's serious about their website. If your site is a production site, and you'd rather not worry about maintaining the server, then CloudAccess is a good bet for you.

If you are a beginner and learning Joomla, Wordpress or web development in general, then CloudAccess can be one of the best places to host with to get you up to speed quickly. With easy setups, unlimited free development/testing demo sites, you can test what you learn, break things and create new sites very quickly.

Our recommendation is to give a try. Setup a Free 30 day demo site (or a few), test out the CCP, submit a couple helpdesk tickets and see if CloudAccess is right for you. - Sign Up For A Free Joomla Site Now!


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