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paGO Commerce Joomla eCommerce Solution

One Thing Joomla Desperately Needed Was A Really Good E-Commerce Extension... paGO Commerce Delivers!

If there's one thing to be said about Joomla and E-Commerce, up until now, the E-Commerce extensions have been lousy at best. Either they just don't work, have security flaws, or you have to pay just to download and use them.

paGO Commerce, in the true spirit of Open Source, is 100% Free for the full version, and comes from a trusted group of Joomla! developers, 'corePHP'. paGO Commerce has everything you'd expect a E-Commerce solution to have, and then some! With migration utilities, you can easily get off those other e-commerce solutions (Virtumart, Hikashop, Redshop or MijoShop) and in to paGO quickly.

paGO-CommerceFor your customers, there's really nice features such as one page checkout, choice of payment gateways, responsive mobile-ready design and here's a huge one... on the fly currency conversions for your international customers! paGO has one of the most advanced couponing systems allowing you to offer coupons to your customers, and it's just really simple!

Harness all the content management power of Joomla, seamlessly infused with the advanced sales and marketing power of paGO Commerce!

Where other E-Commerce solutions are lacking, paGO Commerce delivers. Since the software is 100% free, you've got nothing to loose by downloading and installing it. You'll instantly see how easy it is to setup, and if you do happen to get stuck, you'll find documentation to take you step by step through the process.

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