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NoNumber Extension Manager

Does Your Joomla! Site have NoNumber's Extension Manager Installed? If not, it should!

peter animPeter VanWestin (AKA: NoNumber) is one of the Joomla Community's most well respected third party Joomla! extension providers. Over the years, he's developed and maintained some of the best Joomla! extensions, such as Advanced module manager and Content Templater. In this introductory post, We're featuring his Extension Manager, which in short, is a dashboard to install and upgrade any of his other extensions, including one that does nothing (yeah, that's right... nothing)!

The Extension Manager will allow you to easily and quickly see what NoNumber extensions you already have installed, as well as conveniently install one or many new ones, check the extension versions and the best feature is that it will let you know when one is out of date. You have the option of upgrading the extension without switching pages too! If at some point, you decide that you no longer need an extension, NoNumber's extension manager will also allow you to uninistall it right from the dashboard as well.

The NoNumber extension manager is available  as a totally free extension (and all of his other extensions have free versions as well)!


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