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Three Joomla Event Registration Extensions For Your Next Event

Planning a big event (or even small ones) often times requires a way for potential attendees to register. An event, for the purposes of this review is any scheduled gathering of people where registration is required. This could be a convention, wedding, company picnic or even a family reunion. Using Joomla, you can build beautiful event websites quickly and easily, and using event registration extensions, you can add RSVP functionality into your site with ease! We will take a quick look at three of the best Joomla Event Registration Extensions available to handle the task, and we'll approach this review from a non technical viewpoint.

Additionally, please note that the following event registration extensions are listed in no paticular order. We will not say one is better than the other as each case where you might need an extension such as this is unique. We strive to offer three extensions we have experience with so you can make a well informed choice.

JCal Pro

jcal pro anything digital

JCal Pro is a well respected, fully maintained event calendar and registration extension created by Anything Digital. JCal Pro makes event management easy with a simple but feature -rich dashboard, recurring event possibilites and of course, various registration options. JCal Pro is available for both Joomla 2.5 and 3.X, and there is also a version for those still using Joomla 1.5. 

One of the nicest features of JCal Pro is that it can also accept front end user event submissions and moderation on the back end, so setting up a community type of site where different users can submit their events is very straightforward and easy to do. This makes it a great tool for creating a "" alternative or community events site. [ See all JCal Pro Features ]

The JCal Pro pricing starts at $35 USD for the started edition, but you'll want to pick up the standard version for $75 if you need location support, extra themes, editor plugin and flex module. [ View Pricing ]



Ohanah, created by Beyounic, is another robust event management system with integrated registration. While Ohanah has many of the same features as JCal Pro, it is not as easily setup of front end user submitted events, as JCal Pro is, but on the other hand, it integrates with your existing Joomla site's styles better and easier than JCal Pro, giving your events a more seemless and consistent look (meaning that it doesn't look like it's a third party extension as much).

Ohanah starts off with a personal license at 49 euro, and supports only one site. If you want better support and free upgrades for new versions, you'll have to purchase either the professional (89 Euro) or Business (189 euro) plan. The latter two plans include a mobile app for users to load and use as well. From a developer's perspective, the app is customizable and extendable using Phonegap. [ View Pricing ]


jeventsJEvents by GWE Systems is an excellent event management system. It includes bells and whistles like a slideshow module to cycle through upcoming events, full template override support and even supports managed teams and resources.

This is also the only calendar that supports personal private events out of the box. A personal private event is one where the user is the only one who can access and see the calendar entries.

The JEvents base extension is offered free of charge, but added functionality comes as paid downloads.

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