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30% OFF All 'corePHP' Products

Now's the time to shop Joomla Extensions at 'corePHP'!

Steven, CEO over at 'corePHP' just informed us about a fantastic post-holiday deal they're running on all the 'corePHP' products.

Right now, get 30% OFF any Joomla Extension that 'corePHP' has to offer until Midnight on January 2, 2016!

Get fantastic extensions such as:

Wordpress for Joomla - A powerful blog component for Joomla that allows you to run a full-fledged Wordpress blog right in your Joomla site! Think about it for a moment... all the power of a Wordpress blog inside your all-powerful Joomla CMS. It's a marriage that's better than most... at least in this country given the divorce rate.

JomCDN - Add the power of a CDN to your Joomla site with JomCDN! Works with MaxCDN and Amazon AWS

Chimp Your Joomla - Growing your inbound marketing and marketing automation is essential, and Chimp your Joomla will add users to your Mailchimp lists automatically when they register on your site!

...and many more! Check out all the offers on this blog post!

Back Up Your Joomla Site with Akeeba Backup For Beginners

It should go without saying that having a good data backup strategy in case of catastropic failure is essential. Every Joomla administrator should have a few extensions that get installed on every site, and Akeeba Backup should be one of them.

I can't think of any publically (or even privately) accessible Joomla site that shouldn't have Akeeba installed to take care of backing up the site should disaster befall you. Wether your hosting pooped out or something just went wonky, with Akeeba Backup, you can rest assured that you can be back up and running quickly.

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Joomla Site Hacked

My Joomla! Site Got Hacked! What Do I Do?

Even if you're site isn't hacked, I would encourage you to read through this whole post and consider what can do to help keep your Joomla site hack free. is a Security and Management Tools for Joomla that allows you, the site administrator, to see all the possible issues with your site, and to take action to secure, manage, update and monitor it all from within your dashboard. is the only audit tool of it's kind, and is a two time J.O.S.C.A.R. (Joomla Open Source Creative and Artistic Recognition) award winner.

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How To Use Modules Anywhere by NoNumber

Modules Anywhere Allows you to Place Modules not just in the sidebar, but in content, or just about anywhere!

On almost every site I create, I've used NoNumber's Modules Anywhere because it's such a useful extension. For me, I generally will place modules inside the content to display ads or other information.

To install Modules Anywhere, log into your Joomla! control panel and go to Extensions > Extension Manager and search "modules anywhere".

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paGO Commerce Joomla eCommerce Solution

One Thing Joomla Desperately Needed Was A Really Good E-Commerce Extension... paGO Commerce Delivers!

If there's one thing to be said about Joomla and E-Commerce, up until now, the E-Commerce extensions have been lousy at best. Either they just don't work, have security flaws, or you have to pay just to download and use them.

paGO Commerce, in the true spirit of Open Source, is 100% Free for the full version, and comes from a trusted group of Joomla! developers, 'corePHP'. paGO Commerce has everything you'd expect a E-Commerce solution to have, and then some! With migration utilities, you can easily get off those other e-commerce solutions (Virtumart, Hikashop, Redshop or MijoShop) and in to paGO quickly.

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Joomla Event Registration Extensions

Three Joomla Event Registration Extensions For Your Next Event

Planning a big event (or even small ones) often times requires a way for potential attendees to register. An event, for the purposes of this review is any scheduled gathering of people where registration is required. This could be a convention, wedding, company picnic or even a family reunion. Using Joomla, you can build beautiful event websites quickly and easily, and using event registration extensions, you can add RSVP functionality into your site with ease! We will take a quick look at three of the best Joomla Event Registration Extensions available to handle the task, and we'll approach this review from a non technical viewpoint.

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NoNumber Extension Manager

Does Your Joomla! Site have NoNumber's Extension Manager Installed? If not, it should!

peter animPeter VanWestin (AKA: NoNumber) is one of the Joomla Community's most well respected third party Joomla! extension providers. Over the years, he's developed and maintained some of the best Joomla! extensions, such as Advanced module manager and Content Templater. In this introductory post, We're featuring his Extension Manager, which in short, is a dashboard to install and upgrade any of his other extensions, including one that does nothing (yeah, that's right... nothing)!

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Akeeba Backup Joomla Extension

If there's one thing you're going to install, Make it Akeeba Backup!

That's right. Akeeba Backup is FREE (paid version available with more features) and prevents data loss. Akeeba backup simply backs up your Joomla! site and the database by default so your can always restore or migrate the site! It's that easy. Even web hosting company, features at the core, a restore solution where you just upload your backup and restore it to either the same domain name or choose a new one.

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