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Joomladay Poland Sept 20-21, 2014

JoomlaDay Poland, organized by PCJ Open Source Foundation invites you to Warsaw!

On September 20 & 21, don't miss your chance to establish new contacts, share experiences and talk shop with other people interested in Joomla! Joomladay Poland is featuring speakers from all over, including Radek Suski, Saurabh Shah, Ryan Ozimek and so many more. Don't miss your chance to learn more about Joomla! and make new contacts in the industry!

Joomladay Poland will consist of nearly 40 presentations on the construction and administration of website. Also there will be conversations and discussions about the development of Joomla! and it's community.

joomladay poland 2014The Business Day

The Business Day anticipate the presentation of three paths:

  • Developer : Use Joomla Platform and the Joomla RAD (Rapid Application Development)
  • for integrators : Projects - case studies
  • for managers : Determinants of businesses based on the Joomla!

See more: Business Day .

The Community Day

The Community Day are planning - like last year - three tracks of presentation:

  • Daily Joomla! : good practices, case studies, mini-workshops
  • Solutions for your site presentations extensions and their capabilities
  • Since the use of programming : design and programming for Joomla!

See more: Community Day .

Joomladay Poland
September 20-21, 2014
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