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JandBeyond 2016 Joomla Conference

It's almost that time again. 3 Days. Over 30 Speakers. Barcelona Spain.

2016 J and Beyond 7th International Joomla Conference, May 20-22, 2016

In it's 7th year, J and Beyond comes to Barcelona, Spain as a family of Joomla! developers, integrators, users and enthusiasts. The conference is hoping to attract 250+ top individuals in the Joomla Community from over 30 different countries around the world.

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2015 JAndBeyond Call for Speakers

2 Week Notice - Call for Speakers - Deadline: 21 Feb. 2015

If you're interested in speaking at this year's J And Beyond conference in Prague, you have 2 weeks left to submit your talk

J and Beyond has run for the past five years and is an International conference for Joomla! Developers, site integrators and users from all over the world. Organizers anticipate between 200-250 Joomlers from over 30 different countries.

Make It Happen

Last year, something wonderful happened, and it's back this year. "Make It Happen" allows you to join in on prep sessions, discussions and hands on workshops. After lunch, everyone will breakout into groups and find ways to really get things done. This isn't just for coders - it's for everyone, so don't hesitate to get involved!

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Joomladay Boston

JoomlaDay Boston 2015It's almost that time again. JoomlaDay Boston is just around the corner, and it promises to be another great JoomlaDay event! It will be held in the Microsoft NERD Center, March 14-15, 2015.

The two day sessions are broken up where Saturday will hold regular sessions, but Sunday there'll be workshops to participate in. In addition to these goings on, there's also a beginners track, "Joomla for Beginners". Learn what Joomla! has to offer from first install to final launch.

Earlybird tickets are available until February 14th and are available for either single day or both days.

Joomla for Beginners

The Joomla for Beginners track is a two day workshop hosted by none other than Rod Martin from He'll take you right from the very start in installing Joomla! to publishing your website! View the track offerings here.


Joomladay Poland Sept 20-21, 2014

JoomlaDay Poland, organized by PCJ Open Source Foundation invites you to Warsaw!

On September 20 & 21, don't miss your chance to establish new contacts, share experiences and talk shop with other people interested in Joomla! Joomladay Poland is featuring speakers from all over, including Radek Suski, Saurabh Shah, Ryan Ozimek and so many more. Don't miss your chance to learn more about Joomla! and make new contacts in the industry!

Joomladay Poland will consist of nearly 40 presentations on the construction and administration of website. Also there will be conversations and discussions about the development of Joomla! and it's community.

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Joomladay Chicago 2014

JoomlaDay Chicago 2014 blows into the Windy City on Saturday, Aug. 9, 2014, providing a full day of Joomla! discussion, panels and presentations from top Joomla experts and community leaders. Join us at this premier showcase for Joomla — one of the web's leading content management systems — to learn about Joomla, hone your Joomla skills and connect with fellow Joomla enthusiasts, professionals and service providers. Our venue is the Microsoft conferencing center in the Aon building at the north end of Grant Park in downtown Chicago, an exquisitely featured, central location that just couldn't get any better. (Many thanks to Microsoft for providing this space!) Note: JoomlaDay Chicago dovetails off the international Joomla Developers Conference Aug. 7-8 in Chicago, and attending both is the best way to get maximum value from your Chicago Joomla experience this summer.

Organiser: Joomla Chicago Loop User Group
Microsoft Technology Center (Aon Center)
200 East Randolph Drive - Suite 200 (2nd Floor)

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