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Use Joomla for Blogging

Most people think of Joomla! as a Content Management System

Consider the fact that Joomla! is also a Blogging Platform. Case in point: This site. All the categories are displayed in a blog layout, similar to the way Wordpress displays blog posts. But the real questions is why you'd want to blog with Joomla when Wordpress was built to be a blog platform?

Let me clear the air first:

  • This is not a Wordpress-bashing post
  • I do run quite a few Wordpress sites as well
  • This covers the reason that I choose Joomla to blog

Joomla is most widely used for small business (under $1M gross/month) and startups, but is also used for Non-profit and enterprise sites as well. While I don't know the exact number of sites that use Joomla as a blog, the way I do and this site is put together, the closest that I've seen is the JoomlaBeat Podcast site created by my friend, Pete Bui. 

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How To Add A Domain Name in Cpanel

Adding a domain to your Cpanel account is very easy, and can be done within a couple moments. This video takes you through the steps of adding the domain in Cpanel.

How To Get Involved In The Joomla! Project

Most people who come to Joomla Resources already are familliar with Joomla! to some extent, but for those who might not know, Joomla! is a robust, powerful Content Management System and Platform used to build websites and web applications respectively. Many come here looking for Extension or Template Reviews, others just stumble here from Google or Bing, but this post is for those who come here looking for something more.

How To Get Involved With The Joomla Community

It was on August 10, 2012 that I formally got involved with Joomla! I attended JoomlaDay Chicago, and it was fantastic! Imagine two days of Joomla and open source related talks in the developer tracks, Case Studies and Business applications in the other track and so much fun stuff going on in the hallway, it would have been hard not to get hooked! This leads perfectly into our first point:

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Building Your Freelance Business Website

Learn How To Build A Freelance Website Using Joomla! with the Joomla User Group Detroit

In this webinar, Son Koral, JUG Detroit organizer, will take you through the process of building a Joomla! website specifically to promote your freelance business. Doing freelance work on the side is a very popular past time for the 9-5'ers, but also can be a full time job for some.

In this Webinar, we will build a freelancer's website, harnessing the power of the Joomla! Content Management System.

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